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Innovativo Servizio fotografico che consente la consegna "one to one" entro poche ore la fine della gara.

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5 all-new single tracks, 10 km of enduro downhill with a new time trial segment and the legendary climb on le Cune

Moena (TN), 21 July 2016 – A true masterpiece: this is how the new route for the Val di Fassa Bike has been described by the Organizing Committee and by the bikers who have already tried it out as they look forward to the race on Sunday, September 11th , in Moena, Val di Fassa. It’s a complete, varied and fun course suitable for everyone, yet it still features some more hazardous stretches, like the legendary initial climb on le Cune, which requires proper training.

percorso marathon gara “We studied the route for a long time to give it some unique qualities” affirms the technical Chief for Val di Fassa Events, Gianfranco Degiampietro. “The result makes us very proud and happy, because we managed to outline a multi-faceted route that will satisfy everyone, with challenging climbs, beautiful single-tracks for those who love downhill and fantastic scenic points.”

It’s going to be 48 km of pure excitement, where riding skills and concentration will make a difference, more than the difficulty of the route. Even the more technical parts, added to make the race more compelling, can in fact be easily overcome by less diehard athletes.

Some of the major innovations include the start, which will take place on a wide, asphalt road to avoid traffic jams, queues and slowdowns; the positioning of the first single-track about 1 hour into the race, when the group will be a bit more extended; the new descent towards the hamlet of Medil has been totally modified to make it traversable in any weather conditions, and the last descent that goes directly to the outskirts of Moena at about 1 km from the arrival has been transformed into an exciting single-track that can make a difference to those who want to vie for victory.

Furthermore, for enduro downhill fans we’ve come up with a stretch of more than 10 km, including a time trial passage where the first three fastest times will be awarded.

FREE RECON RIDES ON THE ROUTE Every Sunday in July and August, athletes already registered for the race can get to know the race route and study its finer details in the company of experienced mountain bike guides made available for free by Val di Fassa Events Asd. Reservations required at the following e-mail:

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